- Bimble

 Founder Story

Jay Moskowitz used to be a trader on Wall Street. And the only thing worse than the stress, were the hangovers. So, Jay decided to leave that life behind and take up beekeeping. Yes, you read that right, beekeeping. Now, together with his wife and Bimble co-founder, Janet Silverstein, they decided to offer the world a better remedy to life’s stressors, while supporting the vital beekeeping community at the same time.


A nod to the founder’s beekeeping practice, Bimble is made with a touch of sustainably sourced, Vermont honey, which helps to balance out the hemp, making for an award-winning, delicious drink.

The 25 mg of hemp extract used in Bimble is of the highest quality. We use domestically sourced, CBD, CBG and even CBN (considered the gold standard of cannabinoids), not to mention terpenes, all designed to create what is known as the “entourage effect,” so that people truly get the calming effect they’re paying for. We also perform shelf stability testing to ensure the content in each bottle sustains over time.

Our bottle is transparent for a reason, it means that you can be certain that everything we say is in the bottle, is in every bottle. From the honey and hemp, to the fruit and the herbs. All natural, no artificial colors or flavors. Ever. In fact, here’s our COA, talk about transparency.