What Is CBG? Benefits and Uses of Cannabigerol

What is CBG?

CBG is sometimes called the ‘Mother of Cannabinoids.’ This is because all cannabinoids are later expressed from CBGa — which is CBG in its (a) acidic form. 

When the plant is younger (than when it would normally be harvested) its dominant cannabinoid is CBGa. In other words, it’s the precursor molecule for all other cannabinoids. 

As the plant starts to mature and flower, CBGa (also called an ‘early phase cannabinoid’) turns into a whole array of over 120 cannabinoids, including THCa and CBDa.

At the same time, it’s sometimes referred to as a ‘minor’ CBD. This is because when the hemp or marijuana plant is ready to harvest for normal production needs, CBG, though still present, is found in much smaller quantities than many of the others found in the normal battery of cannabinoids. 

This makes CBG-oriented products expensive to produce (and often hard to find) because it takes much more biomass (plant matter) to isolate than normal, full-spectrum CBD products.   

That said, through cross-breeding and genetic engineering, growers are now producing plants with much higher levels of CBG found at normal harvest times, while still keeping the THC levels below 00.3% to meet federal hemp regulations.

Note: A farm in Oregon has created a multiple award-winning strain called ‘White CBG’  that has 10% CBG, while still only having 00.3% THC.

That’s all great, but why the fuss? What’s so special about CBG? Let’s explore…

cbg molecule

What Does CBG Do for the Body?

The deeper you dig, the more you’ll find about this particular cannabinoid. Science has jumped on CBD studies because they’ve shown so much promise, in so many arenas of the human experience- they just can’t be ignored. 

Also, the more society’s norms, opinions, and regulations open up, the more the populace shares experiential information. This piques the interest of others, causing them to become curious about this blossoming node of the health and wellness market. That curiosity, leading to wider adoption is what drives a market. 

The problem is, once a cannabinoid isolate is chemically synthesized, out come the patents (and too often, a long list of side effects listed in tiny print). 

Thankfully, most in the know understand that these pharmacological products (unfortunate chemical side effects included) usually don’t even come close to Mother Nature’s true originals.

  • CBG seems to have anti-inflammatory properties: One of the main benefits of CBG seems to be its anti-inflammatory properties. So it’s being scientifically and socially explored for issues like inflammatory bowel disease- which is exactly what its name suggests and millions suffer from. Additionally, glaucoma- which has an inocular pressure component that seems to be reduced/alleviated with the application of CBG. In general, CBG can help reduce inflammation.
  • CBG is possibly neuro-generative and/or protectant: Huntington’s Disease is a neurodegenerative issue. A 2015 study has shown promise in using CBG as a neuroprotectant to counter the effects of this and related issues. In the same vein, some are considering CBG as a means of biohacking to aid in focus when challenged at work or study. This is not to suggest that the reported improved mental focus and performance are evidence of CBG being a neuroprotectant, but other studies are. 
  • A possible cancer fighter: A 2014 study using rats with colon cancer suggested a reduction in cancer cells. Other studies around different forms of cancer and tumors have shown much promise as well.
  • Could be an appetite stimulant: CBG has been shown to stimulate appetite in rats. This could be useful in a number of applications. Helping HIV, cancer patients, and others get the nutrition they need is always important.
  • A possible counter to bacterial infections: A 2008 study suggests that CBG can fight special strains of often deadly infections that are usually hard to fight by traditional antibiotical means.

This is, of course, a cursory list. What really is interesting about this ‘stem-cell’ of the Cannabis sativa L plant is its described mental effects and the fact that it works with our brain’s cannabinoid receptors in a functionally similar way to THC. 

Reportedly, it’s an elevated, energized, and intensified focus without the intoxication- though you might find a refined version of ‘the munchies’ on the back end.

Does CBG Help Anxiety?

Generally speaking, CBG has a calming, focusing, and slightly invigorating effect as it works with our brain’s (CB1) receptors, and the (CB2) receptors for the endocannabinoid system throughout the body. However, it seems that CBG leans further into the ‘neurological’ systems of the brain while still supporting the body on certain physical maladies. In a complementary nature, CBD tends to be more of an overall, generalized effect.

man relaxing

It’s this synergistic relationship that gives it most of its acclaimed properties. For example, you might administer a CBG product in the morning, and enjoy a CBD (sparkling beverage) product at night. This is an increasingly common combination that more and more are aligning with in an effort to maximize the different facets and phases as they move through their day. 

How Does CBG Make You Feel?

It’s reported that CBG has a clear, calming, even elevated effect, while never intoxicating. At the same time, it offers an amplified focus to whatever needs to be worked on at the moment- while quelling some forms of physical pain and other particular bodily issues. 

However, it’s some of those neurological aspects that seem to shine a light on the darker parts of modern mental issues like depression and a number of forms of anxiety, while supporting the higher aspects of your brain at work. 

That really seems to be what is intriguing people about CBG. Our modern world is tough, don’t pretend it’s not- it would be nice to operate (if only mentally) just a bit above the fray. 

how cbg makes you feel

Regardless, there’s so much more study to be done. Yet the human experience optimizers, aka- biohackers are out there doing it for themselves and reporting back with what is working for them- to be picked up by those that will listen. So could we call CBG a smart drug?

Anyway, there’s no reason to get lost in the weeds on this topic. Bimble is a tasty and healthy way to start incorporating some of the more refined qualities of a broad-spectrum CBD product into your life. And yes, CBG is present and accounted for in every beautiful and bubbly, bottle of our sparkling CBD beverages

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