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Jay used to be a trader on Wall Street. Janet used to be a producer in advertising. And the only thing worse than the stress of those jobs, were the hangovers. So, they both decided to leave those lives behind and take up beekeeping. Yes, beekeeping. And maybe a little gardening. Which ultimately led to their current job, creating a product that helps the world cope with life’s stressors in a better, healthier way. All while supporting the vital beekeeping community, of course.




At Bimble, we use 25 mg of the highest quality, domestically sourced CBD, CBC, CBG ,CBN and now D9 THC, all designed to create what is known as the “entourage effect,” so that people truly get the calming effect they’re paying for.

We're not satisfied with just being a CBD drink. We insist that the Full Spectrum we use has a robust cannabinoid profile and naturally occurring to improve the ‘effects’ of the drink. Bimble is the only drink that truly unleashes the power of the Hemp plant.

The real


Our raw honey comes directly from the source, helping the beekeeping community, while delivering a superior product. Which is why we work with beekeepers who offer free videos on sustainable beekeeping and are active on lecture circuits & bee forums

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